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Bobthecoffeeman... The Concept...

This is a Black Smart Car, one of the smallest cars on the market, which has been cleverly fitted out with an espresso coffee machine.


For the last 13 years the car has been seen at markets, sporting events, agricultural shows... in fact...


"anywhere there is a group of people who need a cup of coffee”.


   But now, unfortunately, due to poor health the car is closing down,

thank you everybody for an amazing 13+ years,

Farewell and thanks for all the coffee!




         It is now time to book the car for your event.

  • The car will get into the smallest of places and is fully self sufficient for power and all stock for a full days work.
  • You will get the novelty of the very best coffee served from the back of the very small car.
  • You will have the services of Bob, the Barista, who will always turn out 'smartly' dressed in black- trousers, shirt and sweat shirt, with a black apron displaying the distinctive logo of the company.
  • The car is black and can be covered with a gazebo, ( 3 metres square ).
  • The espresso coffee machine and all the inside surfaces are stainless steel.
  • All in all this is a fun way to serve coffee at your event.


This is a one man operation, there is only one car, and one owner/barista who will go anywhere to serve your coffee...


“the only limitation is that you have to book your day first!”.





Bob The Coffee Man - The Car...